Graduated as a visual artist at the art academy Minerva in Groningen and the post academic course De Ateliers, I left for St. Petersburg after completing my studies to make my first film there. Since then, my life has consisted largely of successive film projects. I often work outside Europe: so far in Russia, Mali, China and Japan.

My films are about people who experience a radical change, about the ways in which they deal with this and about how they themselves change as a result. In my films, the main characters lose their dreamed love, their pursued artistry or, even worse, their child. Yet the films are not sad. They are poetic and aesthetic; there is also humor in them and sometimes they are partly hilarious. The main characters always find a way to continue, to live better even.

My films are shown in both the film and the visual art circuits (the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Center for Fine Arts in Brussels and Centre Pompidou in Paris amongst others). Four of them are premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the others at the International Film Festival by the Sea in Vlissingen, followed by screenings at other (inter)national film festivals. They have been distributed by the Dutch distributor Cinemien (The River Okkervil), the Filmmuseum (De Sprong, shown in combination with Millenium Mambo by Hou Shiao Shien) and De Filmbank (Megumi). The Letter Painter will be distributed by Windmill Films Distribution later this year (2019).

Megumi was longlisted for The European Film Award for Best Documentary or Prix Arte and Chill was nominated for the Best Film of the London International Documentary Film Festival (2016) .

Megumi was broadcasted at NPO Doc and Beautiful Mali by the RVU.